Happiness Officer / HR Officer (Cebu Office)

Job description

As the happiness officer, you will be the driving force of a work culture that is happy and productive.
You will plan and execute work programs to help people learn and grow - both professionally and personally.
You will help ensure employees' job satisfaction and happiness - you will suggest changes and guide the employees.
You will consistently balance order and sympathy to the best of your ability.
You will lead by example with an excellent moral disposition - talk the talk and walk the walk.

Every month you will have a session with each employee to check on their wellbeing and follow up on goals.

Job requirements

  • A great and positive attitude toward work and life in general.
  • Possess at least a Bachelors Degree in Human Resource Management, Psychology, or Behavioral Sciences.
  • Must have at least 3 years of HR working experience
  • Computer literate - productivity apps such as google gsuite.
  • Have great interpersonal skills - be a good listener and level headed.
  • Be an effective communicator both in written and oral English.
  • Be genuinely interested in creating a positive working environment
  • Be genuinely interested in people and want to interact with company employees
  • Be a team player and understand when the team makes it, everyone makes it